Decentralized Technologies for a Regenerative Future a Cryptocurrency Panel

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The Internet has radically transformed our world. We are now more connected and exposed to more information than we’ve ever been before. This reality has rendered many of the world’s traditional institutions of power ripe for disruption. The Internet itself, however, is built upon and accessed through centralized infrastructure susceptible to government and institutional oversight and manipulation. In order to maximally leverage the disruptive and regenerative potential that technology affords us, decentralized technologies and infrastructure must be built and properly implemented.

One decentralized technology is Alternative Cryptourrency, which is seeing a huge resurgence. I say a resurgence because alternative local currencies have been around for a long time and crypto currencies are just alternative local currencies in an electronic format, most of which are using the new blockchain technology.

So what is all of this and how can it help create a sustainable regenerative future that won’t deplete resources from the people or the planet?

In this episode of L.I.F.E. Lessons I discuss this technology with a few colleagues on a panel that was featured at Lucidity Rising Dawn in 2018.

Look for the Video Version of this lesson coming soon on Vimeo and/or YouTube.