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Brian N. Hewlett, Ph.D.

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July 30, 2021

Dr. Brian N. Hewlett is a Social Scientist, Counselor, Cooperative Community Advocate, Co-creator and Producer of the forthcoming dramatic comedy “Hallowed Harmony” and an associated podcast. He has years of experience working with communities and teaches various courses in sociology, psychology, and ethnic studies at the community college and university levels. Now in Denver and previously in the Tucson area, he works with entrepreneurs and other community members to build collaborative self-directed enterprises that encourage resource sharing and exchange that fosters community sustainability. Via his L.I.F.E. Lessons series, he offers workshops and seminars to communities across the country. He is the co-creator of the forthcoming television streaming dramatic comedy fiction project called Hallowed Harmony that tackles current societal issues through the eyes of everyday people in different generations experiencing challenges posed by the realities and taboos of society and the road blocks they create for each other even though they are all after the same thing. He is also about to launch a podcast from the Denver area that looks at the innovations that could have profound effects on our lives if we can just overcome the chaos being created by the structure to which we are deeply attached.

Dr. Brian Hewlett aka “Dr. L.I.F.E.”, who is also known by his stage name, Neal Briant, in artist and musician networks was born and raised by two foster families in urban Philadelphia and was publicly educated from Pre-school until receiving his terminal degree in the Sociological Sciences. Working in primary, secondary, and higher education has led to his passion for open access to education for all and breaking down structural barriers that present limitations to life chances. This passion led to the establishment of a foundation and ministry dedicated to lessons promoting limitless ideas and free environments (L.I.F.E.) and acts to advance communities all over the world. The Foundation is currently focused on the removal of limitations to persons with disabilities and others as well as on supplementing care for families dealing with loved ones suffering from Brain Cancer and supporting research to help eradicate this terrible disease. Using festivals and other gatherings as a platform to speak with community members, Dr. L.I.F.E. offers L.I.F.E. Lessons that focus on sacred knowledge and practices that help shift human consciousness, cooperative practices that produce more for communities through cumulative resource management and exchange, and self-directed enterprise that ensures communities break the chains of dependency fostered by capitalist models of economics.

Look for the forthcoming dramatic comedy project “Hallowed Harmony” created by Dr. L.I.F.E. and his activist co-creator Kyle Wagner that highlights the conscious transformational movement and the associated soundtrack that features popular festival music and visual artists. The project will be crowd funded via Dr. Hewlett and Mr. Wagner’s joint venture Conscious Universe Productions, which brings together Independent Media Producers to assist in the creation of initial media that can be used to promote conscious raising projects to distributors, networks, and streaming services.

Dr. Hewlett’s 2018 L.I.F.E. Lessons Schedule


Dr. Hewlett’s 2018 College Teaching Schedule

SOC 4200 – Social Stratification and Inequality
Credits: 3
Prerequisite(s): SOC 1010 and 6 hours of upper division sociology or Permission of instructor
Description: This course examines theories of the distribution of scarce resources within human societies and the consequences of social inequality. Topics include: characteristics and consequences of stratification systems; bases of stratification systems in society; measurement of social position; age, gender and ethnic variations in the social mobility process; and social class in the United States.

SOC 101 – General/Introduction to Sociology I (Theoretical and Applied)
Credits: 3
Prerequisite(s): Demonstrated college readiness in English (
Description: Examines the basic concepts, theories, and principles of sociology as well as human culture, social groups, and the social issues of age, gender, class, and race. This course is one of the Statewide Guaranteed Transfer courses (GT-SS3).

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